At RJB Exhibitions we have one priority; that is to help you make more revenue by maximising the quantity AND quality of leads you generate at exhibitions. We do this by offering top quality magical entertainment, which is product specific, with branded presentations customised to you and your requirements.

Essentially everything we do is encapsulated in that one paragraph. But how we achieve that objective is done in different ways, and we offer a range of packages so that you get the best option to fit your requirements and goals – and fit within your budget.

Promoting Your Products and Services at Exhibitions

Trade Show Magic

There are fundamentally two reasons why companies lose money exhibiting at exhibitions and trade shows; they spend too much much money on attending, or they don’t generate enough customers (whether directly, or from leads created at the show).

The Costs of Exhibiting

Lots of time and money can be spent promoting products and services at trade shows and exhibitions, and unfortunately much of this can wasted. It’s not a matter of just spending less, but spending (or rather investing) it correctly.

Some companies take their sales team and technical experts who expect the delegates will stop and ask questions, and are unable to build the initial interest themselves. Although the costs of travel and accommodation can be easily calculated on a P and L report, income can also be lost by taking these staff out of the office and doing the their regular job.

So remember the bottom line has two include both sides of the equation, and that brings us to the obvious aspect of attending exhibitions:

Generating Sales Leads

Exhibition Magician

In order to make attending pay you need to generate sales, either directly at the exhibition, or more commonly by getting leads that your sales team an follow up afterwards. From some basic maths you can work out the average revenue (either from the initial sale or working out the average lifetime value) you’ll make from each customer.

From the data collected from previous shows you can – and probably already do – calculate what your average closing rate is.

You’ll be able to project how many customers you’ll need to cover the costs of attending, and from the projected closing rate you can extrapolate how many leads you’ll need to generate over the course of the exhibition.

But what if you could not only increase the number of leads generated at the exhibition, but what if those leads were of a higher quality? More motivated quality leads will mean an improved closing rate, and that means more sales and increased revenue for your company (and more bonuses and commission for your sales team).

It’s surprising how many companies attend exhibitions and lose money because they haven’t done some simple maths; or even worse, they know they lose money but because they still attend hoping this year will be different.

We aren’t saying you shouldn’t attend exhibitions; quite the contrary, at RJB Exhibitions our goal is to make sure you hit your goals.

It really is simple: generate more good quality and motivated leads, and reduce the hidden costs of attending. And it really is simple because in order to achieve that you just need to contact RJB Exhibitions!

Gather Crowds At Trade Shows

But What About Brand Awareness?

Ok, some companies don’t attend exhibitions and trade shows just to make sales or generate leads directly, but use it as an opportunity to increase brand awareness.

However, it’s still possible to monitor the levels of brand awareness and assign monetary value to the branding; and this is more than just counting how many t-shirts and pens were given away.

How RJB Exhibitions Makes Your Next Exhibition Pay

To help maximise the potential profits from the exhibition you need to attract quality prospects, which can be tough when the exhibition hall is filled with your competitors and their attention grabbing incentives.

RJB Exhibitions provides a method that proactively stops delegates, maintains their interest and qualifies them in a fun and entertaining way; creating a great foundation to build a business relationship on.

We use top quality experienced and professional magicians and mind-readers. The job of a close-up magician is to interrupt the guests at a corporate event in order to show them an entertaining magic trick. We’ve moved the location from a party to the exhibition floor, and instead of generic tricks the they are customised to get across your branding and highlight your products. Not only that, the scripts are tailored and the questions asked pre-qualify the leads.

This method integrates with your staff, and we work with them to ensure they get the most out of the methods we employ. In fact, your staffing costs can be reduced because now you’ll just need to some technical and sales staff to talk specifics, you don’t need staff to stop delegates and attempt to initiate the conversation.

Your staff can now focus on what they are there to do – be an expert in their own field of expertise!

Before the exhibition we will find out your company’s individual objectives and requirements. We offer a range of packages that can be tailored to ensure you get the maximum impact in the areas that matter you to. We’ll set goals to ensure you see the improvement we bring.

From stopping individual delegates in the aisles and showing them some close-up magic, to full mind-reading shows; our objective is obtaining attention and initiating dialogue.

Making Your Company’s Products and Services Desired

The real magic is turning spectators into quality leads for your sales team. The leads generated are warmed by building a familiarity and rapport with the newly gained prospects. We can use your branding within the tricks, scripts can be customised and questions asked to focus on premium potential leads.

Let RJB Exhibitions add a twist of strategic sales & marketing magic to your exhibition and get you genuine footfall, interested leads, and improve your return on investment.

Call 07930 420 257 or email [email protected] today to discuss your sales objectives and get a quote for your next exhibition. See the packages we offer.