RJB Exhibitions makes effective use of magic at exhibitions and trade shows. Your company, USP and the benefits of your products and services can be integrated into presentations. A customised script can be written to get across your message, the way YOU want.

Maybe the service you offer can save the client money, how better to illustrate this by changing a £10 note into a £20 before their eyes? How about reading their minds or predicting a playing card they are thinking of to show how your company is always a step ahead of the competition?

To put it simply, the presentation follows a simple formula, summarised by a Presentation Cycle.

The presentation may be a short close-up trick or a mini-cabaret show, and the optimal crowd may be a couple of delegates through to an audience of dozens. This is pre-determined and based on such factors as your objectives, size of stand and number of sales staff.

The presentations can incorporate interactive techniques that help qualify the prospects, sorting those that are genuinely interested in your products, there reducing the resourcing wasted on un-interested delegates.

As with any cycle, as soon as one presentation is finished another starts gathering a new crowd.

RJB Exhibitions staff integrates into your existing sales team, and works with them to ensure that they understand the benefits of the presentation to maximise potential impact.

“The event was a success and having your there certainly helped stand traffic and to stop people, which has been an issue in the past.” – Northgate Arinso (Provider of payroll services to over 50% of FTSE-100 Companies)

Let us add a twist of strategic sales & marketing entertainment at your exhibition and get you genuine footfall, interested leads and return on your investment. Call 07930 420 257 or email [email protected] today to discuss your sales objectives and we’ll add the magic.

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